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What Travel Agents Will Tell That Others Won’t

Travel agents are not a dying breed. In fact, they are quite the opposite and they are saving customers an average of over $400 per trip plus hours of time it takes to plan! Travel agents are also paid on commission. This means that you don’t have to pay them for most of their services, but instead cruise lines and resorts pay them! So, when it comes to resort fees, vacation discounts and cruise promotions, travel agents have NOTHING to hide! You get great vacation package deals plus someone who has the inside scoop to book your vacation and send you your documents (well, aren’t we spoiled). They can recommend, research, and revise to make sure your vacation is worth the dollar bills you are handing out. Travel agents will also tell you 2 things that online companies won’t:

#1: Resort Fees – Did you know that government taxes and airline fees no longer have to be disclosed? When you are researching online and find a “really great price” be aware that there are often a few fees added. What you think you are going to pay for an online booking is actually a lot lower than the reality of what you will be paying for in the end. Not a fun surprise after a great vacation. A travel agent informs you about fees and charges ahead of time so there are no surprises. While online travel companies advertise cheap airfare with seemingly low prices, nothing else is disclosed. What resorts or airlines are not telling you is all of the additional fees you will need to pay for baggage, taxes and gratuities, and other miscellaneous charges.

#2: Cruise Promotions – Not every good deal you see is a freebie. More often than not there is a catch before you can get the prize. Online travel agencies are like fishing poles with bait on a hook. You, yes you, are the fish. You see the bait – a phenomenally LOW price! You are hooked and you make the purchase only to find out that you are now stuck with a bunch of other fees and you can’t get out of the contract. Moral of the story, find out what the bait is first and get all of your information straight. A travel agent lays it all out before you so you know exactly what you are paying for. They tell you if the bait (deal) is worth it or not. It’s all in the details. Sometimes they can find you a better deal or offer other dates or options at a better deal.

Don’t be fooled into reserving a vacation by paying more for less. With the help of a travel agent, you can benefit from just the opposite. More vacation for less money!

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