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The Shocking News about Travel Agents

An independent study conducted by TNS Global and funded by Carnival Corporation has revealed some amazingly shocking news about travel agents. It found that travel agents not only provide personal service- which is lacking with online bookings- but that trips booked through travel agents are less expensive than trips booked online. Here is a look at what the study found:

Avoid costly mistakes: More than likely, you don’t book a trip yourself just about every day of the week, but travel agents do. Travel agents are familiar with how the travel industry works and know what holes to avoid. Their personal experience allows them to be aware of scams and recognize where to find the good deals. You can’t believe everything you read or see on the internet, so trust a travel agent to be able to save you money and avoid making costly mistakes.

Save time and money: If you have ever tried to book an extensive trip online, be prepared to have a lot of tabs and windows open in your research process. It’s a pain! Travel agents are all about saving you time and money. From the study, “Consumers report that travel agents save them an average $452 per trip, and four hours in travel planning.” While you and travel agents have access to the same internet websites, travel agents can get access to exclusive pricing and package deals that you may not find or obtain on your own.

Reduced stress: Vacations should be stress free, right? Then why shouldn’t planning a trip be less stressful? Instead of worrying about transfers between the airport and your hotel or making sure the location of your hotel is close to your desired attractions, etc., you could be focusing on making memories. Travel agents take care of all the details for you so you can enjoy every bit of your holiday.

A better travel experience: “’Consumers told TNS Global that if you want a better travel experience, use an agent,’ said ASTA President and CEO Zane Kerby.” Travel agents are some of the first to know about a new tour or discount in vacation packages. They are skilled at finding and obtaining the best shore excursions, tours, and accommodations at the right price in order for you to have a relaxing vacation. Agents know what activities you won’t want to miss.

Travel security: Travel agents can provide resources you may not even think about. They can help you prepare for potential hazards or assist you in case of lost luggage or a medical emergency. Whether they make rearrangements themselves or put you in touch with the right people, agents will work hard to make you happy.

You will never regret booking with a travel agent, especially with the amount of money, time, and stress they will save you.

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  1. Monica Sharma

    Since long time I was planning a trip for my family but was unable to plan perfectly.It was then when my mom told me about this article and we immediately contacted a travel agent thereby making our trip go smooth.Thanks for sharing.It helped me a lot.

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