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Elaine Winslow

I have been a travel consultant for over 23 years and specialize in planning incredible vacations all over the world including cruises and destination weddings. I have traveled extensively in Europe and especially enjoy helping people plan custom vacations to the beautiful countries of Western Europe. I am a Certified Sandals Specialist and have visited all the Sandals and Beaches Resorts. My favorite places to travel in the world are Hawaii, Italy and Holland!

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2013

John Potter

I have been in the travel industry for 17 years. I have a great love for Disney and have been to Disneyland and Disney World more times than I can count. Disney Cruises are also a specialty I love. I have graduated in both the standard as well as masters program with the Disney Travel College of Knowledge. I am a Commodore with Princess, a PHD with Norwegian Cruise Line, and a Hawaii Destination Specialist. Whether your travel is on land or sea, I will be happy to help you plan your next vacation.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2005

Joy Sanders

During my 8 years with Columbus Travel I have gained specialties in cruises, Hawaii and Mexico vacations and customized Europe itineraries. I have lived in Italy and traveled to various world destinations including: China, Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Mexico, The Caribbean, and Hawaii and have traveled to popular destinations in the US including: New York, D.C., American and LDS church history sites, Orlando, Anaheim, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and the Oregon Coast.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2012

Linda Wangsgaard

I have worked at Columbus Travel for 10 years. I love working with people and love to travel, so being a travel agent is a perfect fit. My favorite places to visit are Italy, Alaska, NYC, Costa Rica, San Diego, Mexico, Hawaii, San Francisco, anything Disney and the Great Pacific Northwest. I specialize in Mexico, Caribbean, Disney, Hawaii, NYC, California, and all types of cruises and guided tours. I would love to help you plan a vacation of a lifetime!

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2002

Judy Mann

I am the Manager of Reservations for Columbus Travel and have over 25 years in the travel industry. I have worked for an airline, been an onsite travel manager at a major corporation in Utah, and now for the last 15 years worked in vacation travel. I love to travel and love to help others travel. The world is a wonderful place to see. I have extensive knowledge in airline routes and fares; cruise lines -large and small; and world destination experience and expertise especially in Alaska, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, South America, South Pacific and Asia.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2000

Linda Jensen

I love to travel! My areas of expertise are Hawaii, Mexico, Disney, all cruises, and family groups. I have traveled extensively to each of these destinations during my 15 years working as a travel consultant. My favorite spots though are Alaska, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Disneyworld, and pretty much any cruise. I have three wonderful kids and two sweet grandchildren. It is a joy to travel with them and a pleasure to help others make their travel dreams come true.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2014

Kathy Pickett

My first cruise was 20 years ago and I have been hooked on travel ever since! Ten years with Columbus Travel have given me the opportunity to visit China, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Alaska, Cancun, Disney parks, Hawaii, the Caribbean and never enough cruises! Helping clients plan getaways, family vacations, reunions and adventures that provide them with unforgettable memories is what I love most. I would love to help you plan a simple getaway or that trip you have always dreamed about.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2006

Marlyse Bingham

Hello! I am from Honeyville, UT and I grew up on a farm. I love everything about travel! I have learned that souvenirs come and go but memories last forever. Cheesy, but true! You can’t put a price on travel. I truly believe that each new place we travel to or revisit creates experiences that we can keep forever. My adventures to various places have made me a better person and I want the same for you. While I would get up and go anywhere any day of the week, my favorite place is Hawaii.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2007

Katherine Richmond

I love traveling and being able to help others travel! It’s exciting to discover new destinations and to experience a new locale. Hawaii has always been a favorite destination of mine and I definitely have a weak spot for warm weather and beaches. I’ve been to Mexico a number of times, but my love for Disneyland and the Disney experience is huge! It’s also habit-forming. I’ve been to the parks more times than I can count. Let me assist you to plan your next travel vacation or adventure! We’ll find the best deals, get you to the best destinations, and guide you through the most reliable travel outlets.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2011

Missy Riffle

My love of travel began early in childhood where many happy years were spent at Disney. Now, I travel extensively to Walt Disney World, Hawaii, and Alaska. I delight in helping multi-generational families, honeymooners, or anniversary couples make magical memories. If it is your first trip or your hundredth, come join me and see how Columbus can offer you the world with a personalized vacation. I am Freestyle Certified with Norwegian, a Commodore with Princess, Disney College of Knowledge graduate, and an Alaska Destination Specialist. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2017

Rayleen Myers

Beautiful exotic beaches and unique cultures have enticed me to work in travel and experience many fabulous destinations over the past 25 years. I have visited the islands of Tahiti, Fiji and the Cook Islands as well as the countries of New Zealand and Australia, and I am a certified travel specialist for each destination. I am married to a wonderful Jamaican man and have visited this Caribbean island as well as Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands numerous times. I love assisting individuals with travel plans whether it is a quick getaway or an extensive travel itinerary in Europe.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2016

Wanda Bush

With over 30 years in the travel industry, I have had the opportunity to travel and cruise all over the world. I especially enjoy helping others plan fun family, friends and couple getaways by sharing experiences that will assist them on their vacation. I believe the world is meant to be seen and explored. While I don’t have one favorite destination, I love helping people gain their own travel experiences. I have traveled to Mexico, the Hawaiian Islands, the Caribbean Islands, Europe, Fiji, China, as well as all types of river and ocean cruises.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2004

Groups and Incentives, Angela Sorensen

Before coming to Columbus Travel, I worked for Delta for 14 years. I’ve enjoyed my experiences and even more so, enjoy the opportunity now to work with Columbus Travel. I graduated from the Airline Academy in Daytona Beach and later graduated from the Disney College of Knowledge. I am a Commodore with Princess Cruises and continue to increase my knowledge to help clients get the best experience possible. My favorite spots to vacation are Gatlinburg, TN and Disneyland.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2015

Groups and Incentives, Jennifer Arnesen

I have been in the travel industry nearly 20 years, which has taught me a lot about the world we live in. I have planned travel for individuals and groups, but I currently work with group & incentive travel. My areas of expertise are beach and tropical destinations, cruises, and Disney. My favorite hotel stay was in the Disneyland Dream Suite with my family. I have completed full training and accomplished Commodore ranking with Princess Cruise Line, a PHD ranking with Norwegian Cruise Line, and am a Sandals Certified Specialist.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2008

Groups and Incentives, Robin Anderson

My love of travel began as a teenager when I was privileged to spend a summer as a foreign exchange student in Europe. Since then, I have been able to travel throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. I particularly enjoy cruising and all-inclusive beach vacations, but I will take a quick trip to Disneyland anytime.  I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and have completed training with Princess and Cunard cruise lines, achieving their Commodore ranking. I have worked in the travel industry for 9 years and have loved every minute of it.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 1010

Groups and Incentives, Valerie Christensen

Every person has a story and I love finding out what that story is. With over 17 years in the travel industry, I have gained knowledge, expertise, and a keen eye for trip details.  I have traveled to 5 of the 7 continents and have escorted tour and cruise groups to the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Here at Columbus Travel, I focus on group tours and cruises. I love to meet people on our tours and attend to their details because I know it’s the details that make for an unforgettable experience.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2010

CEO, Larry Gelwix

I am probably best known as the “Getaway Guru” and host of the “Travel Show” radio broadcast on several radio stations. The weekly two-hour radio show highlights the best travel deals, lowest airline and cruise fares, and takes call-in questions from listeners. I also provide a travel segment that is broadcast on several TV stations. All across the country and overseas, I address groups on the dynamics of the travel industry as a motivational speaker.

My professional travel career includes CEO of an airline, member of car rental, airline, and cruise line national advisory boards, co-owner and Executive Vice President of Morris Travel, and published travel writer of books and travel related articles.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters Degree in Organizational Communications. My wife Cathy and I have five children and reside in Salt Lake City.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 1000

President, Mark Faldmo

My first experience in the travel industry was when I was 6 years old and I sailed to Hawaii with my family. After 2 ½ years in Hawaii, my parents returned to Utah and began taking friends and neighbors to Hawaii. This grew into a full time business which I joined upon graduation from college in 1975. I have been in the travel business ever since.

I’m often asked what my favorite place is in the world and I always say that I have never been to a destination that I did not love. With that said, a few favorites of mine are Tahiti, Ireland, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

I grew up in Bountiful, lived in Hawaii for 2 ½ years, California for 2 years, and have lived the remainder of my life in Utah. For the most part, with a few exceptions, I know the world fairly well. I particularly enjoy putting groups together and operating them. I love different things about travel each day. I’m always dealing with new places and new people.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 1001

V.P. Marketing, Mark Faldmo Jr.

As a third generation travel professional, I grew up in and around the travel industry. I started by mowing the lawn and doing other odd jobs at the family agency Faldmo Tours and Travel.   Later on, I worked briefly for the Mark Travel Company which owns and manages Funjet Vacation and Southwest Airlines Vacations among others.

I graduated from Utah State University in 2000 with a degree in Business Administration. I then joined my parents at Columbus Travel.  From being a front line agent to marketing and sales, I have experience in all aspects of the travel industry.  Currently my duties include IT, marketing, training and supplier relations.

I have represented Columbus Travel at several meetings with high level executives from several travel companies including Princess Cruises, Funjet Vacations, NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines), Southwest Airlines Vacations and Royal Caribbean.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 2003

Groups and Incentive Sales, Richard Doxey

When you ask a person what they got for Christmas last year or what gift they received for a birthday, you generally get a blank stare. Most people just can’t remember. But, when you ask a person what their favorite trip was, you get all kinds of details, including where they went, who they traveled with, and what they experienced. There is something magical about travel in how it motivates and excites people. We help companies create wonderful employee trips and have a fantastic group and incentive team.

One of my fondest travel memories was walking through the gate at Checkpoint Charlie, 10 days after the Berlin Wall came down. My wife and I love Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, The Panama Canal, Costa Rica and just about anywhere in Europe. If you are thinking about doing a company or group trip, give us a call, we can help!

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 1012

Latin America Sales, Carlos Fida

I am a native of Argentina where I held teaching positions at the University of Patagonia and at the Military Academy. I have lectured for university groups on the rich history of pre-Colombian and modern Latin American history.

After working for five years in the travel industry, I earned my Certified Travel Agent degree in 1985. Since then, I have devoted 39 years of my life as a highly qualified specialist in Latin American travel.

I was instrumental in setting the Latin American programs for LAN Vacation and United Vacations and was nominated among the top specialist in Latin American Travel by Travel & Leisure Magazine starting in 2006. My travels have taken me to every corner of Central and South America and some exotic countries like Madagascar and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 1005

Marketing and Sales, Natalie Naegle

The travel industry is an amazing business where you not only get to help people see different parts of the world, but you also get a chance to alter their lives by giving an experience and memories that will never be forgotten. I have traveled extensively throughout South America and Europe and my favorite destination would be the small towns of Cinque Terre. I have a passion for travel and love my work in the Marketing and Sales department. My background is in business development and I received my bachelor’s degree from Utah State University in Business and Economics.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 1008

Administrative Assistant, Michelle Garrett

I have worked with Columbus Travel for many years, and those years have taken me to many places around the world. My favorite has been traveling to Ireland, England, Amsterdam, and the most gorgeous country of Norway. Traveling around the world has given me a knowledge and understanding of people, places and cultures that you can’t read in a book or get from and internet search engine. Because of extensive travels around the world, I received my B.A in History from Utah State University and traveling has only enlightened my understanding of the world. I come to work every day to make sure our agents and company are taken care of by doing any job needed to be done in order to help our agents help you enjoy those same adventures of traveling the world!

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 1004

Receptionist, Haylee Mickelson

I am the first person you see when you walk into Columbus Travel. I love to hear about the places you are going to and I’m excited to send you to the right people to fulfill your travel dreams. As a little girl, my Father instilled in me a love of traveling. I have lived in Ghana and Canada as well as traveled to many places around the world. My goal is to travel to every continent. Life is meant to be lived! And we here at Columbus Travel can help you fulfill those dreams.

Contact me at 800-373-3328 ext. 1020

We do not sell travel to residents of Delaware, Iowa, Florida, Hawaii and Washington state. If you are a resident of one of these states, you may not purchase travel from our website.

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