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5 Ways to Stay Fit While on Vacation

You may be surprised at how going on vacation can increase physical activity alone. From walking tours to sight-seeing the wonders of the world, you are bound to get your body moving. For many, an ideal vacation includes throwing out any routine and lying on the beach. And that’s great! Whatever vacation you choose, you can still choose to stay fit. If staying healthy is important to you (which I hope it is), then here are 5 basic things you can do to incorporate on your next holiday.

  1. Stay Hydrated: This is common sense, but a lot of people forget about it. Nobody wants a Grumpy Gus or a Debbie Downer on their trip. Stay hydrated to give your body some energy. This will help reduce over indulging, which often causes the uncomfortable feelings of bloatedness, aka the sensation of being bloated.
  2. Make a Plan: Whether that means bringing your own snacks or mentally planning to stick to your goals, if you have a game plan, it is much easier to stick to healthy habits when you’ve already set your mind to do so. Plus, why not save money while you’re at it! Prepare food ahead of time (bring lunch to an amusement park, etc.). I even dare you NOT to go to the gym! Why? There is so much to do if you just take a minute to see what is around you.  While there are times you can pack your own lunchbox, other times you are given whatever is provided. Make a plan. That plan could be as simple as eating one apple or walking one mile a day.
  3. Stretch, Meditate, and Repeat: If you have been sitting for a while, especially on a long flight, get up and stretch. Meditate by listening to music or taking a walk. Then repeat throughout the day.
  4. Be Creative: Here is where the real fun comes in. If you are moving, then count it! Many cruises, Cancun all inclusive resorts, Puerto Vallarta all inclusive resorts and more not only offer fitness classes but have dance parties! If dancing isn’t your thing, head to the water park, kayak, go swimming, go on a bicycle tour, or do volunteer work. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. The ideas are limitless! Any of these activities will get your blood pumping and you can sure count that as your exercise for the day! Combine your exercise with touring! Eat traditional foods, not just the American fast food joints. For dessert, get fruit once in a while. Bring snacks with you or go to the grocery store! Research exercises you can do while on the airplane. Have a dance party in the car or on the tour bus.
  5. Don’t Skip It: It’s all about living a balanced lifestyle. I’m not about to tell you NOT to eat the chocolate concoction you have been eyeing, but be mindful of adding some healthy greens or colorful fruits to your day. Plus, taking the time to get out of your beach chair or your cruise cabin can open up many opportunities for new friendships and new experiences. Don’t skip out on great opportunities to take care of yourself.

Keeping a fit routine is quite simple and can be done without having to go to a fitness facility. Staying fit can be fun, so there are no excuses to take good care of yourself while you are on vacation!

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